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Christ in Revelation - Vision 2. Christ the Heir.

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#1 Marilyn C

Marilyn C

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Posted 04 December 2017 - 02:32 AM

Christ`s Throne

The Godhead, (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) are beyond all created realms, yet they desire to rule within their created order in a personal way. This will be through the Lord Jesus Christ who became a man yet now has a glorified body.

When Christ ascended He went to the Father`s right hand & is now waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool. (Ps. 110: 1) When that happens, God the Father will give His Son, the inheritance of the nations & the authority to execute the judgments upon them, bringing them under His righteous rule.

This investiture of power & authority by the Father to the Son is the crowning glory of Christ the Conqueror & King. This throne is `set up` by God the Father who `sits on the throne,` symbolising that it is His authority & power that He is delegating to His Son & Heir, the Lord Jesus Christ.

All of heaven will resound with His praises as this is the beginning of the restoration of rulership from the third heaven, throughout God`s great kingdom.

The Thronal authority is described in beautiful symbolic detail – (Jewels – Ex. 28: 17 – 21 Tribes – Num. 2)

Conqueror – jasper (for Naphtali, Gen: 30:8) meaning to gain the victory, to conquer.
Power & Dominion – sardius (for Judah, Gen. 29: 35) meaning to use the hand, indicating power & dominion.
Heir – emerald, (for Reuben, Gen. 29: 32) meaning see a son – first born.
Covenant – rainbow, (Gen. 9: 13)
Administration – four living creatures, lion (King), calf (sacrifice, heir) man (mediator), eagle (deity).

Although it is not possible to see the three persons of the God head, we are shown in a pictorial representation of what unfolds. God the Father who has all authority & power holds out a `scroll` His righteous will to be executed by a worthy executor. All of heaven & earth are searched to find if anyone is worthy. Finally it is revealed that there is one who alone can execute God`s will.

The one is described as `a lamb` & also as ` a lion.` These two characteristics clearly show that it is the Lord Jesus who is the Lamb, God`s sacrificial Lamb slain for the sins of the world. Then as a Lion, He is of the rightful lineage `tribe of Judah,` which is God`s anointed tribe to bring rulership in Israel & over the nations.

Thus God the Father gives to His Son & Heir the `scroll,` His inheritance of the nations & to execute the judgments thereon. These are written on both sides of the scroll indicating their completeness.

With Christ on His throne, (with His authority) will be the Body of Christ. These overcomers have been `caught up` to meet the Lord in the air previously, and have escorted Him to His own throne in the third heaven. (1 Thess. 4: 13 – 18). They will judge the world systems and fallen angels. (1 Cor. 6: 2 & 3)

`To him who overcomes
I will grant to sit with me on my throne,
as I overcame
and sat down with my Father on His throne.`
(Rev. 3: 21)


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#2 Marilyn C

Marilyn C

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 01:00 AM

Christ given the Scroll.

God promised His Son & Heir the nations as His inheritance, (Ps. 2: 8) & said He would bring them to Christ`s footstool, (for His possession) Christ then will deal with these nations plus deliver Israel from its enemies.

`The Lord God (Father) said to my Lord, (Son)
“Sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool.” (Ps. 110: 1)

When Christ is given the scroll, only He is able to open & read what is written. This is symbolic of Him receiving the authority over the earth & bringing the judgments that
have been sealed up by God. This `sealing up,` is represented by the 7 seals, showing that it will be a complete judgment upon the nations. (7 in Heb. means to be complete)

This judgment is upon the rebellious nations of the earth who operate under the control & power of Satan. They consider that they control their own affairs & that they are the sole arbiter of their destiny. But Satan & the nations however, do not have the final say. There is a higher authority controlling the world systems & shaping the nations according to His Divine Will.

As the Lord Jesus Christ opens the scroll we are shown how He is bringing mankind to judgment. He gathers the nations into large confederacies, exposes their motives, and then corrals them into one area for judgement.

The first Great Federation being brought to judgment has a crown & has been conquering. This is the British Commonwealth (& America originally from Britain) which is ruled by a Monarch, (crown). These great powers work together.

The second Great Federation has shed much blood. This is the Russian Federation that has killed over 40 million people in its prisons & concentration camps.

The third Great Federation has brought economic poverty to the world. This is the European Union with its philosophy of a common market (free trade), that the world has embraced. These nations are brought to Christ`s feet, ready for judgment.

The final Great Federation only comes to power in the tribulation & treads down the others, for Satan himself & his demons give it his power & authority. This is the demonic force of Islam.

As the Lord then opens the scroll further we are shown the martyrs whom Christ will avenge, then the final cataclysmic judgments shaking the heavens & the earth to such an extent that even great leaders & mighty men are hiding, fearful of God`s wrath.

Amid these terrible judgments there are people who repent – the 144,000 priests of Israel & the great multitude.

Finally the 7th seal is opened & there is silence in heaven. There are no more thundering & lightnings of judgments for the Lord has left the third heaven & will then be on His way to earth, with His angelic army, to deliver Israel & judge the people of the nations.

Note: The scroll is an overview of the tribulation – the nations being brought to judgment and Israel & others coming to repentance. Next, God reveals the details of the tribulation, His judgments & deliverance of His people.


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